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Loyalty Accelerator

Do You Need A Loyalty Solution to Reward Your Customers?

If so, Salesforce’s B2C Commerce combined with Loyalty is a great platform, however, there are a few options you can get started with:

1. Salesforce’s packaged solution

2. A custom build 

3. Leverage our Loyalty Accelerator

The 5P Accelerator takes your organization’s unique needs into consideration to drive an optimal solution for cost effective and rapid implementation.  

Leverage the 5P Loyalty Accelerator

With pre-built user interface (UI) pages and integration to your existing B2C Commerce environment you’ll be up and running in less time. Save up to 50% in costs as there is no need for upgrades, and go live in 12 weeks.

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Are you a Salesforce B2C Commerce customer and considering implementing a loyalty solution to offer a rewards program to your customers? If so then there is a lot to think about. Customers of Salesforce B2C Commerce (formerly Commerce Cloud) have three options to consider:

Delight your customers with a loyalty experience that will keep them coming back to your brand. 5P is your Salesforce Loyalty expert offering an accelerator that will get you from conception to a solution in weeks!

A well-planned customer rewards program rewards customers’ interactions which helps to increase their satisfaction with your brand. Every customer who remains loyal is more likely to refer to others, gaining you new customers!

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Loyalty Accelerator FAQs

How long does the 5P Loyalty Accelerator take to implement?

5P’s loyalty accelerator combines pre-built cartridges with our methodology and extensive experience with Salesforce to get you up and running with B2C Commerce in approximately 12 weeks. Other options outside our accelerator can take 6-8+ months.

Do I need to upgrade any part of my Salesforce environment?

No, 5P’s loyalty accelerator comes with pre-built cartridges that integrate with your existing Commerce Cloud environment. There is no need to upgrade or touch the existing cartridges you have built. 

B2C Commerce was formerly Commerce Cloud

Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud is now known as B2C commerce! The change happened in early 2023.