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Salesforce is one of the most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools available. Its capabilities and scalability make it an ideal CRM system for almost any type of business. Some common pain points indicating your business needs Salesforce include:
  • Lacking a 360° view of your customer
  • Spending too much time resolving customer issues 
  • Impersonal or cookie-cutter customer interactions
  • Slow response time to customer needs
  • Technology or inter-department silos
How We Can Help:

Salesforce provides the leading tools that help small businesses find customers, win their business, and keep them happy for life. We make it easy to connect your systems so you can build closer relationships with customers and grow your business faster than ever.

Our Salesforce Practice provides solution implementation and optimization to mid-market companies in various industries. We specialize in: Sales, Service, CPQ, Loyalty, FinancialForce, Integration, Tableau, and Einstein.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

Such a powerful tool can take years to master. Whether you want to implement a program for the first time, optimize your existing systems, or integrate Salesforce with your current technology; our team of Salesforce experts lets you get the most from your CRM system.

You can customize a solution with add-on products, subscriptions, and configurations to fit your exact needs.

We are Salesforce Platform Ninjas. We not only understand the technology, but we bring best practices in finance, marketing, sales, and operations functions. We are multi-certified and passionate about your experience and success.

Salesforce’s scalability, flexibility, and multitenant architecture make it highly sought after by organizations worldwide.

Not to mention, it can be also configured and customized to ensure users can get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Traditional business models are always challenged, but nothing close to the scale we’ve seen in the last several months. At 5P, we have always been about accelerating a company’s Digital Transformation through the vast experience we have across our team and clients

As one of the most powerful business solutions available, Salesforce is a good fit for almost any business. With so many customization options, however, implementing the platform on your own can be overwhelming.

A Salesforce implementation partner takes the stress off of you so you can focus less on learning the intricacies of the platform and more on running your business.

“5P worked with us to drive our digital transformation and re-engineered our system architecture and cloud solutions, which allowed our company to get back on track with our business now and moving forward. 5P’s expertise in system architecture, Cloud platforms, and data integration was critical in the success of our business.”

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