IT Management

IT Management is the monitoring and administration of your organization’s information technology systems: software, hardware, and networks. Some common pain points when it comes to IT Management are: 

  • Worrying about or experiencing cybersecurity problems such as ransomware, bot traffic, and phishing emails.
  • Having regulatory or compliance requirements that must be in place to protect internal and/or customer data and are unsure if you are compliant or failed a recent audit.
  • You have connected and mobile devices, and need help ensuring you have a way to keep assets and data secure while running in a mobile/remote work environment. 
  • You have a third-party portal integrated to your website, CRM or CSS and are unsure if the data is protected.
How We Can Help:

We have three services areas to support all of your IT Management needs:

Fractional CISO:

We’ll provide a business assessment to identify risks across your business processes, data, and business applications. We identify gaps and provide recommendations to ensure your business is secure.

Fractional CIO:

We’ll not only recommend solutions in a roadmap, but we’ll also ensure the activities align to your business goals and budget.

Program Management:

We’ll manage your ongoing projects with our team of Project Managers and Business Analysts. We ensure the roadmap is executed with a plan we develop and manage. This includes your business users, vendors, and consultants.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

Our practice leader is a veteran CIO/CISO with years of experience in IT Management assessing business risk and scaling businesses with technology. We are pragmatic with our approach and focused on protecting your data while ensuring the solutions we build will work for your business.

With vast experience across many domains and products, we’ll make the best selection for your business and jump right in and get things done. With our team of seasoned PMs, architects, and developers at 5P, and leveraging our long-standing channel partnerships.
A fractional CIO can really drive efficiency, automation, governance, and infrastructure with technical solutions. Every organization no matter the size can benefit from a technology leader.

Two mature international product companies were purchased by a private equity company and merged. Post-merger they brought in a “Big 4 Consulting” company to help stand up the new organizations operations. As part of the charter of activities, they put new systems in place to help the new integrated company scale and run their business with data.

Moving from on-premise to SaaS infrastructure is important to keeping the hospitality vertical efficient.

This cost-effective strategy results in a reduced spend on IT and provides additional dollars for other areas of the business.

“We used 5P Consulting to advise on and customize a Salesforce platform, integrate our contact information and associated data and provide software training. We were hesitant because, as a nonprofit, we had not hired outside consulting firms for business integration as that is a non-programmatic “spend”. However, 5P Consulting was worth every dime! They provided their services cost-effectively, professionally and really listened to what we wanted in order to deliver the accurate end product. They were particularly great about follow-up, wrapping up more quickly than I expected what could have been a long and tedious project.”

Randy Jasinski, President

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