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Do you lack visual representation of your data? Or maybe you have the technology to generate reports & dashboards, but the metrics are not defined in a way that lets you see gaps and trends?
A good Business Intelligence strategy should give you a snapshot of the current state of your organization. More importantly, you can use BI services and technology to transform raw data into actionable insights to improve your business.

How Our Business Intelligence Services Help:

We’ll define metrics, reports, and dashboards so you can use your data instead of spending time collecting and cleaning it.

Recommend Technology Solutions: We’ll analyze your business needs and goals to recommend the technology that best serves your business. Not every business needs the latest name-brand BI software. We focus on designing and delivering the right solutions for your business – not on software sales.

Leverage Experience: There are no one-size-fits-all BI solutions. That’s why we use our experience to avoid mistakes and customize a solution for your business. We know what works best for your industry and business model.

Communicate Effectively: We understand how to bridge the gap between executive-level leadership and your IT team to find the best solutions for your company. As technology professionals and leaders, we’re ready to present ideas in ways your organization’s leadership understands.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

Our founder at 5P Consulting is passionate about data and spent 20 years leading business intelligence practices. You get access to a team of experts with experience implementing BI solutions for a wide range of businesses. We’ve helped organizations like yours better collect, store, and utilize their data to make more informed business decisions.
Let’s take a look at the common ways businesses use technology and how implementing a technology strategy creates a more effective organization.

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Business intelligence services bring data together and form actionable insights for your business so leadership can make tactical and strategic decisions. It’s all about metrics and reporting with a visual mechanism that allows you to easily see gaps and trends.
Y’Vonne Ormond, CEO

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is the combination of processes, strategies, and technology an organization uses to manage its real-time data. This includes collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting data. Business intelligence gives you a snapshot of the current state of your organization. More importantly, you can use BI services and technology to transform raw data into actionable insights to improve your business.

Most modern forms of business intelligence refer to data management using robust technology solutions. These solutions provide user-friendly options for storing and reporting data. They also eliminate the need for manual reporting. BI technology lets anyone with access view, sort, and analyze the data.

For example, in the past, if a business manager wanted to see sales of a product for the current month, they would have to contact the IT team and ask for a report on current sales data. The IT team would then need to manually collect the data and create the report.

Modern solutions, on the other hand, often automate the collection and storage of important data. A business leader can use intuitive software to create a visually-appealing report quickly and efficiently without taking the IT team away from their regular work.

Should You Hire a Full-Time BI Analyst or Choose Business Intelligence Consulting?

Organizations usually have two options when implementing a BI strategy: Hire a full-time BI analyst or work with a consulting firm and a vCIO. Both can be beneficial to your business, so it’s important to carefully consider your organization’s unique needs.

You might want to hire a full-time CIO or BI analyst if:

  • You want to add a permanent member to your organization’s executive team.
  • You want to promote an internal candidate with intimate knowledge of your company.
  • Your business relies heavily on technology and needs a CIO on a daily basis.

On the other hand, many organizations don’t need the expense of hiring a full-time BI analyst or new member of their executive team. Many businesses benefit from hiring a consulting firm to build and implement their business intelligence plan. Once your BI plan is in place, most businesses can work with a part-time or on-call vCIO to help maintain systems, get advice, and optimize the BI tools available.

Your business should consider a vCIO and BI consulting services if:

  • You’re looking to save money over recruiting, hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house CIO role.
  • You need an objective third party to advise your executive and IT teams.
  • You want the scalability of a consultant so you can expand their role as needed.
  • You want access to additional resources or tools from the technology firm.
  • You need someone who can dedicate their full attention to BI strategy rather than running the IT department.
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