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(Formerly FinancialForce)

Are you experiencing revenue leakage across the customer lifecycle such as margin loss or the inability to scale?​

These challenges can result in delayed customer launches, a rise in support costs, and a slower time to recognize revenue.​

If you are a Professional Services firm you could benefit from having a native financial accounting and project services automation (PSA) platform on top of Salesforce.

How Certinia Can Help:

Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) is a managed package exists on top of the Salesforce Platform. The benefits of having a single platform include:

  • Full business visibility along with sales and service agility.
  • 360° customer view resulting in data-driven efficiencies and a reduction in IT system support costs.
  • An increase in your sales and services margin for your organization.

Professional Services firms focused on engaging, delivering, and growing need the ability to accomplish this with a single platform; which will result in greater success in meeting your business goals because you are spending less time finding your data to make decisions quickly.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

Let us partner with your business. We bring broad experience in:

Business transformation in the ERP/CRM and data space.
Evolving business processes and implementing technology solutions across multiple domains and products.

We are a Salesforce Certified Partner and bring a depth of understanding to the business process and technical stack across Sales, Service, Finance, E-commerce, and Marketing.

We have expertise in end-to-end architecture and integration with cloud-based business applications (Sales, Service, Marketing, Financials), and we are Data Experts.

Blog: Service-as-a-Business and Some of Its Benefits

Service as a Business (SaaB) is a platform that delivers all components of service operations as a primary offering including sales, delivery, customer success management, financial management, planning, and more. It is a comprehensive service solution that caters to the needs and preferences of its customers. 

Client Case Studies

At 5P, we’re always learning from industry experts about the latest findings in the world of business and marketing. 


Understanding what ERP means and how it works can take your business to the next level. Learn more about ERPs and Certinia.

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Certinia FAQs

Why should I combine Salesforce CRM and Certinia ERP?

  • Streamline invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Close the books faster
  • Reduce DSOs, billing errors, and customer disputes
  • Empower your customers with portals and dashboards

Does Certinia have a Data Center?

No. Certinia does not have a data center. Certinia only provides applications; Salesforce provides the infrastructure. All Customer Data entered into Certinia applications reside on the Customer’s Salesforce instance. Customer Data is not stored in Certinia organization systems.

What happened to FinancialForce?

Nothing! Certinia was formerly called FinancialForce but they rebranded to align with their evolution and delivery of a comprehensive services-as-a-business (SaaB) platform – a single source of certainty.

What Is Certinia PSA?

Certinia Professional Services Automation, also referred to as PSA Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform and automates and manages business processes surrounding professional services delivery. Certinia PSA allows your business to gain control of your service projects within a single cloud-based platform and gives your company the visibility it needs to improve and deliver revenue growth. 

Who Uses Certinia?

Certinia benefits both large and small companies in all industries around the world. Applications include Professional Services Cloud (PSA), ERP Cloud, and Customer Success Cloud. Certinia is generally the best fit for businesses with 50-200+ employees and 10M-50M in revenue.

What is Certinia ERP?

Certinia’s Enterprise Resource Management cloud software is a product powered on the Salesforce platform to provide your business with real-time financial insights. This product is simple, intelligent, and customer-focused to streamline and automate your financial operations.

Is Certinia on the Salesforce platform?

Yes, the Certinia ERP Cloud solution is an app powered on the Salesforce platform that gives you one single source for all of your customer information.

How can Certinia benefit my business?

Certinia’s ERP and PSA products are customer-centric, and built to give your business real-time insight into the data you need. This helps companies accelerate high growth, deliver maximum value, and increase efficiency within their organization. Certinia accelerates your planning cycles with core financials and analytics and will help your company build more dynamic, accurate plans, while stress-testing scenarios, and better anticipate how much to spend and where.

Who manages access to Certinia products and services?

The customer is responsible for managing access for their own Salesforce instance. Certinia does not manage access to the customer’s Salesforce instance on behalf of the customer. All-access to Certinia applications is through Salesforce.

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