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Are you still working with manual spreadsheets or processes to configure, price & quote for your customers? If so, there is a better way!

As a business evolves so should your quoting process. A configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution will take your manual processes and automate them.

How CPQ Solutions Can Help:

A CPQ solution ensures you can quote, close a deal, bill it, and provide commissions on time across your customer base and team. Many businesses have pricing models that are tiered and include channel sales or distribution models.

With our CPQ service, we develop a solution on the Salesforce platform after an analysis of your business needs and considering your discounting and commissioning business processes. This provides a better buyer experience for your customers and a better revenue recognition process for your business.

Let us remove that manual work and build a streamlined and automated CPQ solution for your business.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

5P Consulting is the right partner to help because we bring broad experience in:

  • Business transformation in the ERP/CRM and data space.
  • Evolving business processes and implementing technology solutions across multiple domains and products.

  • We are a Salesforce Certified Partner and bring a depth of understanding to the business process and technical stack across Sales, Service, Finance, E-commerce, and Marketing. We have expertise in end-to-end architecture and integration with cloud-based business applications (Sales, Service, Marketing, Financials), and we are Data Experts.

    CPQ is an essential business tool for creating customizable services that present the best possible prices while remaining competitive in the market. See how 5P can integrate CPQ Software with your current technology platforms. 

    Read more about our successes, and find out how we’ve helped other customers with real problems, real strategies, real real results. 

    RevOps is not a single strategy that works or doesn’t. On the contrary, it’s a new way of combining your sales, marketing, and customer success operations under one team

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    CPQ FAQs

    Are Salesforce Revenue Cloud & CPQ the Same Thing?

    Yes, Salesforce CPQ is also known as Salesforce Revenue Cloud and is an easy-to-use cloud-based software that allows sales reps to quote and price quickly and accurately.

    What Is A CPQ Process?

    A Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process is a business software application that is designed for accurately generating sales quotes quickly, and helps enhance the purchasing experience while also advancing the selling process by removing inconvenient manual processes. CPQ processes aid sellers in creating complex quotes and configurable products and ensures your business can construct and design a quote in a timely manner across your customer base and team. 

    IS CPQ Part of Salesforce?

    Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool that can be implemented and customized for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. This gives your sales team easy-to-use software while also increasing the bottom line. Salesforce CPQ, when implemented correctly, reduces wasted time, increases sales by providing accurate quotes, and speeds up the selling process to land bigger deals.

    What are the benefits of Salesforce CPQ software?  

    Salesforce CPQ is a native Salesforce tool, designed for sales teams to create more accurate and highly personalized quotes. It provides centralized access to all the products, services, available prices, and customer data of your company, allowing a notable increase in productivity. It is a software that is characterized by being easy to use which guarantees the standardization of the data throughout the entire customer life cycle.

    How can I tell if my business needs a CPQ tool?

    Here are a few key indicators that investing in CPQ software might be a smart investment for your business:

    • Your current quoting application no longer meets your needs
    • Your product or service has a complex pricing model
    • You experience a high degree of manual errors or lost quotes and leads in your sales process
    • You sell IT products or products that have different configurable models or compatibles
    • You need more visibility into your sales process
    • Your sales team takes many hours to put together a quotation
    • Your sales team struggles to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities

    What is CPQ Analytics?

    CPQ gives a wealth of data that is often overlooked by customers. This data can change how your operation does business by utilizing CPQ analytics. Analyzing how your product portfolio sells and how customers buy can make a world of difference when selling your product.

    How does CPQ analytics help me understand my customer better?

    Customers are as unique as the parameters of the products you sell. Analytics can give you a better understanding of the evolving needs of your customers that can help you create a competitive product portfolio based on facts, not assumptions.

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