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White Paper Overview:

Amaze your customers with a personalized and flexible rewards program that creates an experience for customers which improves retention and increases customer lifetime value (CLV). Current loyalty programs need to evolve from transactional to experiential and personalized experiences.  

Salesforce Loyalty and 5P have joined together to create the next generation for loyalty.  

“56% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand with a loyalty program” Salesforce

5P knows loyalty and rewards. Our newest product, the 5P Loyalty Accelerator is a full-featured product for companies planning to roll out Commerce and Loyalty on the Salesforce platform. Leveraging our playbook takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the project and gets your program up and running quickly.

The Accelerator: 

The accelerator includes several key components that enable a company to get up and running rapidly in weeks, not months, and at half the cost ($250K+ with options outside 5P). 

Key elements include:

  • A strategic trusted advisor with knowledge across rewards trends, Salesforce technology advancement, and a highly experienced team 
  • Methodology and a pre-built agile plan for the project from inception to delivery
  • Pre-built functions and tools across the Salesforce Platform  
  • QA and testing plan to mitigate costly production issues 

Dashboards and analytics to provide insight into customer retention, continuous improvement of programs, and revenue impact

Strategic Advisor:

Our experience across the Salesforce ecosystem and business best practices will ensure you are focused on the right things at the right time. We will leverage the Salesforce features that make sense to avoid wasting time on guesswork.  

We are your strategic trusted advisor with knowledge across rewards trends including gamification, experiential rewards, and Salesforce technology advancement with a highly experienced team to support these initiatives and ensure success. We provide outlined tried and true experiences and activities for customer interaction.

On the surface, defining and delivering a Loyalty solution seems straightforward. But as many organizations have discovered, actually delivering on their vision is much more than taking ideas and executing them. The complexity of leveraging the latest technology, executing the integration(s), and ensuring best practices are used can bog down projects resulting in costly mistakes, rework, and an overall poor customer experience. This is where an experienced advisor, like 5P, is invaluable because we will lead this project from start to finish and ensure the process is streamlined with the least amount of issues. 


Following the 5P Loyalty Accelerator pre-built plan will streamline and reduce implementation costs associated with a typical rewards program by defining best practices and mitigating known issues throughout the process.  

As with any complex software undertaking, it is important to leverage best practices and tools that will make the implementation easier with a higher success rate. The 5P approach has already taken into consideration typical issues that can arise. For example, our solution is pre-optimized for various screens including phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Building a solution, on your own, similar to this requires extensive sprints and rework as testing will find these later in the cycle. The 5P tool and process will resolve many of these out of the gate which helps avoid complex and costly rework that can impact internal teams as well as the customer experience.  

Pre-built Tools:

The 5P Accelerator has a defined and ready-to-leverage set of tools that spans front-end commerce functions, integration, and back-office functionality for loyalty programs. These prebuilt tools can be used as a template to dramatically streamline inception to delivery of a full-featured rewards solution built on the Salesforce platform. 5P brings our pre-built tools to rapidly deliver a best-in-class solution: 

  • CRM Sales and Service Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Loyalty
  • Order Management (OMS) 
  • Marketing Cloud

In addition, 5P can deliver with or without OMS through our pre-built cartridge, which is a key cartridge that only 5P can do for you.   

Quality Assurance:

A key element to any successful delivery is rock-solid quality assurance (QA). Packaged with the accelerator includes a tried and tested QA test plan.  

This plan includes not only the overall needed use cases tested throughout the life cycle of rewards earnings and usage but also contains a key outside border. The plan contains over 250 test scripts that will ensure solid delivery and avoid costly production errors at go-live.

The Team:

As with any engagement, one of the most critical components of success is your team.  5P is a Salesforce Certified Consulting Partner that brings together the right individuals who have direct experience across all of the technologies and clouds.  

With our team of experienced certified Salesforce developers, architects and PMs. 5P will engage with companies to make their engagement outstanding. Reach out to us today to get started or check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

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