What is Business Architecture?

As a service provider at 5P, we specialize in Business Architecture first prior to bringing in any type of technology solutions.  I’m often asked……

What is  Business Architecture and how can a Business Architect help my business?

Business Architecture is what the organization does and how they do it. It’s a business discipline that focuses on a variety of areas such as strategy, governance, operational capabilities, organizational design, data, and metrics.

A Business Architect brings years of experience with a variety of business initiatives and the results are Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence is results-driven efficiency in your company. It’s the execution, not the design.

Reference – 5P Consulting

Many organizations believe they can fly by the seat of their pants. I fully believe in creative freedom, but as you scale it’s going to be very important to build-in operational efficiency instead of just flying daily. You don’t need to do it all at once, pick an area with the most challenges and manual processes in your business, and target that one first. The benefit of doing this is repeatability and accountability. Ultimately, this allows you to focus on value-added activities with your team and customers instead of daily operational bottlenecks.

  • Strategy is a focus on business planning from vision through executable tactical activities. This is the foundation of your business and what you want to be and measure.
  • Governance provides a mechanism for accountability and autonomy across different areas of your business, sustainable practices, and operating procedures.
  • People drive your culture and champion evolution in your business and success with your customers.
  • Projects are the internal and external activities delivering value with a return on investment (ROI). This encompasses your company’s operational and customer/client’s (where applicable in your business model) projects.
  • Control is a state where you sustain, measure, and incrementally improve the operational excellence model.

Why would I hire a consulting firm to offer business architecture services?

Most organizations just do not have the talent or diverse experience to evolve their business. They do a great job operationally but struggle to pivot, optimize, and/or grow. At 5P the way we approach this for our clients is:

Business Process Design (BPD) – We take the current state, understand your future state, and design what that will look like. We then develop gaps between the two and define the activities that need to get done to move you into the future state. Business Architects have the skills to facilitate these activities in a collaborative team session focusing on results. Moving from conversation to actionable activities will get you to the future state quicker. We do this with a whiteboard (in-person & virtual) and wireframing techniques.

Fractional CIO (vCIO) – vCIOs are part-time augmented resources in our business that help bridge the gap between Information Technology and the business, which aids in the delivery of aligned goals and metrics through infrastructure and applications.

Business Intelligence (BI) – BI is the practice of taking data and transforming it into insights for strategic decisions and tactical activities. This ranges from how you manage the data, transform the data, and build reporting so the data shows up in a way a business user can dynamically see trends and make actionable decisions.

A Business Architect can bring a fresh set of eyes to your business. They are professionals that have worked with many different types of organizations and bring frameworks to help you meet your business goals through solutions.

If you’d like to learn more reach out and we’d be happy to provide a no-cost consultation.

Y’vonne Ormond – CEO, 5P Consulting

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