Salesforce Configuration vs. Customization

CRM tools are the backbone of today’s profit-driven businesses. These systems are designed to encompass all the information necessary to facilitate and maintain a positive relationship with both clients and prospects. Perhaps the biggest name in the realm of CRM solutions is Salesforce—the #1 CRM platform for growing businesses. Considered a “client success platform,” Salesforce’s

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Hospitality Moving to the Cloud

Originally featured in Summer 2020 Gaming & Leisure Magazine As Business and Solution Architects we are often asked, “Why should I move from on-premise to cloud-based technologies?”. That is usually followed by, “I’m comfortable with the current infrastructure I have on-site and it works for us with limited resources.”  Spending time in Hospitality as a

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Types of Business Consultants

Are you ready to improve your business but not sure what the next step should be? Whether you’re a successful startup looking for growth or an established enterprise wanting to improve processes, most organizations will find they need a reliable business consultant at some point. Business consultants help improve your business by providing expert advice

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What Is ServiceNow Used For?

If you’re a business leader looking to streamline workflows and improve efficiency, you may have heard about ServiceNow. This cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has gained popularity with IT professionals, CIOs, and business leaders across industries. But, what does ServiceNow do, and what is it actually used for? These questions can be tricky to answer because ServiceNow

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