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It’s been a busy 2018 for us here at 5P Consulting. If you hadn’t heard we had some great Public Relations (PR) we wanted to share with our community. Thank you to everyone that has been part of our year helping us grow and service clients.

  April 2018 San Diego Voyager showcases our CEO Y’vonne Ormond and her journey to establish a consulting firm different than the ‘Big 4’. You can read the interview at: Article Link August 2018 Salesforce showcases ‘CEO Insights: 5 Essential Bis of Advice for Every Entrepreneur’. You can read the article at: Article Link August 2018 Yahoo Finance News is talking about the rise of self-employment. 5P Consulting’s recent feedback around tools we use in the small business market is highlighted along with Salesforce, Intuit, and Square. You can read the article at: Article Link October 2018 SmallBiz Technology and Smart Hustle Magazine conducted an interview with our CEO Y’vonne to understand how we help organizations through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. You can read the article or better yet watch the video by clicking the picture below.
Business Acquisition – 3 Things You Need to Know
  November 2018 Forbes highlighted three innovative companies, 5P being one of them. We share how Salesforce Essentials helps us work smarter and grow our organization. You can read the article at: Article Link  

Thank you to everyone that has shared our growth stories and allowed us to work with you. It highlights the value we provide our clients and community.

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