5P is making an impact with Non-Profits in the San Diego community

Helping Non-Profits Achieve Their Missions

In 2018 5P Consulting was able to provide three local San Diego Non-Profits services to help them scale and meet their missions. We are proud to have been selected and support these important organizations.

  The Kim Center for Social Balance Mission: Helping America achieve workplace gender equality through action and education https://kimcenter.org/ 5P implemented SalesforceNon-Profit CRM, donated a laptop for the Executive Director to run the organization, and provided a scalable operating model to help bring in long-term engagement and sustainability of the organization.   ConnectMed International Mission: ConnectMed improves access to surgical care in underserved communities, and supports sustainable healthcare through education, partnerships and telemedicine. https://connectmed.org/ 5P implemented Salesforce Non-Profit CRM, lead a community fundraising event, and two of our C-level advisors sits on their board helping drive the longer-term mission in the community.     Operation Hope – Vista Mission: To provide a safe environment for both homeless families with children and single women to support r4ebuilding lives and regaining hope. https://www.operationhopeshelter.org/ 5P put in place a new network smart router, upgraded software on their computers, donated eight tablets for the student to do homework, donated three laptops for the operational staff to run the facility, conducted google infrastructure training, and worked with their telecom provider to provide alternate options for phone and internet for the facility.  

It’s the end of 2018 and if your organization has any additional funds and is looking to put it back into the community, go to their websites, check out what they do and donate. We can all make an impact together.

Y’vonne Ormond

CEO | 5P Consulting

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