5P Supports #GivingTuesday & You Can Too

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that supports giving, collaboration, and generosity. Each year, nonprofits, small businesses, corporations, schools, and faith-based organizations all over the world celebrate the global day of giving by giving back through time and donations. 

This year has been a particularly difficult year for many resulting in a heavy impact on non-profit organizations. At 5P we support numerous non-profit organizations through a donation of our time, dollars, or equipment to help them run their businesses. It’s important to me as a founder and San Diego native to give back to our local community. I have highlighted several local organizations below whose missions we support.

Now, more than ever in times of need – we need each other. If you can donate any amount please do as no amount is too small to make an impact. If you have an interest in membership or connecting to help support any of the following organizations reach out to Y’vonne Sisco-Ormond at [email protected]


Operation Hope North County – Operation Hope provides a safe and supportive environment for families with children and single women who are experiencing homelessness as they rebuild their lives. https://www.operationhopeshelter.org/

ConnectMed International – ConnectMed improves access to sustainable healthcare in resource-limited communities through education, partnerships, and research. https://connectmed.org/

The Kim Center for Social Balance – The Kim Center accelerates the achievement of equal status for all genders in the workplace. They value clarity of purpose with dedication to progress, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness of actions and their impact on others. https://kimcenter.org/

San Diego Regulatory Affairs Network (SDRAN) – SDRAN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting members through various educational and development programs for medical device and pharmaceutical industry professionals. https://www.sdran.org/

San Diego Woman Magazine – San Diego Woman Magazine is a premier publication showcasing amazing women rocking their careers, challenges, and community leadership. They have a new sponsorship program for the purposes of providing opportunities for individuals and companies to highlight amazing women, products, and diversity and inclusion programs. https://www.sdwomanmagazine.com/

BrainLeap Technologies –  BrainLeaps technology was built to unlock the potential of more than one million children with attention challenges around the world – every year. It’s a practical play and research based attention training designed to improve attention and executive management functioning.  https://brainleaptech.com/


If you have the interest or ability to learn more please join us in giving back and be part of the solution for change in the community.

Y’vonne Sisco-Ormond

CEO – 5P Consulting



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