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Do you have gaps in your IT or struggle to find the talent or budget to get your projects over the line?
A good Program Manager can get people of all different levels together in one room enabling your team to be heard to align on decisions, so you can move your projects forward collectively.

How Our Program Management Services Help:

Leveraging our Program Management Office brings in a limited duration team that can prioritize in your environment to ensure actions are being executed and your business goals met.

  • We will define, prioritize and manage your projects and team to ensure results from start to end.
  • We use our unique 5P Methodology that leverages Certinia, Salesforce, Jira, and weekly communication mechanisms.
  • We make it easy to get your key team members to the table to execute results in partnership with us.

Why 5P is the Right Partner?

We care about your business as if it’s our own. You get access to a team of experts with experience managing complex projects for a wide range of businesses.

We’ll be a good steward of your dollars and provide talent to ensure your project is successful.

We don’t just ‘consult’ we ‘execute’ with results with a white glove and high touch – we are an extension of your team.

Many organizations embark on growth and evolution each year to stay competitive. Program management is a strategic approach to leading a portfolio of project activities and initiatives aligned with your business objectives.

12 months post-merger, this client needed an organization to come in and assess the challenges, put a roadmap in place to fix things, and turn it back over to the client to sustain and grow their processes with their current team.
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As a business leader, you know that projects are the lifeblood of your organization. Whether it’s a new product launch, a marketing campaign, or developing a new website, successful projects drive growth and profitability. But to achieve this success, you need skilled project managers.

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Program Management FAQs

What is Program Management?

Program Management is an organizational function that oversees a group of individual projects linked together through a shared organizational goal or common area of impact. This programmatic grouping of multiple projects provides synergy, consistent management, and greater visibility to stakeholders than individually managed projects.

What is effective program management?

Effective program management includes three distinct types of communication: status reporting, direction setting, and problem-solving:

  • Status reporting requires considerable written, verbal, and organizational communication capabilities. Program managers must deliver comprehensive yet efficient status updates to a broad audience in multiple formats with the appropriate level of detail for each project.
  • Direction setting is required to inform and shape the scope and schedule of individual projects (and project managers) that roll up under their programs. Objectives and deadlines must be clear, and program managers must be willing to ask hard, probing questions to determine how projects are truly progressing.
  • Problem-solving comes into play continually for program managers. When obstacles, challenges, and resistance arise (which happens quite often over the life of a program), they must be willing to dive into the details and create action plans to ensure the program isn’t put in jeopardy.

Why is program management important?

Program management enables the organization to fund, prioritize, optimize resource capacity, and manage interdependencies and conflicts. This will help your company achieve strategic organizational goals, greater transparency of project interdependencies, and more effective management of resources across different or multiple projects.

6 Successful Factors of Good Program Management: 

  • Leads to organizational success
  • Opens opportunities for collaboration
  • Gives a complete scope of a project
  • Formulates efficient strategies
  • Conflict management
  • Improved cost savings
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