Transformation during COVID-19

In 2020 many organizations already have digital transformation goals in place. With the onset of COVID-19 this has either slowed down or sped up the process.  I wanted to share some tips for your team during this time. Digital transformation shouldn’t have to be overwhelming. Take a different approach and step into it. 

  • Do team 1:1s and ask them for their feedback:
    • How are you feeling and how can I help you right now?
    • What opportunities have you wanted to work on, but haven’t had the time?
    • What areas of the business are you passionate about learning? Then select a project they can take on to help the organization and their personal development.
    • Match employees with coaching opportunities internal to your business to keep them engaged and connected. Make it more of an organic thing, not goals focused so they have someone other than their direct manager to talk to. 
    • Identify business certification projects you or your team have wanted to take on but haven’t had the time. These should be things that help your business and talent excel in providing value to your customers.

  • Put a consistent project management cadence in place:
    • Identify an internal person that now has some time or bring in a limited duration external project manager.
    • Think of using a simple affordable solution to get your projects identified, prioritize and started like
    • Put a focus on a project that helps reduce manual work for your team; digitize things with repeatable processes and systems.

  • Look at your current operational systems that help run your finances, sales, marketing campaigns, customer service, and operations (HR, PM, POS, etc). Identify the things that work well and areas of improvement:
    • Think of what data in your organization you’d like to have access to daily instead of weekly or monthly. This will help make faster business decisions.
    • Think of areas that are taking days to run a manual process to get things to an internal team member, customer or vendor.
    • Identify opportunities to integrate systems for efficiency, automation and data quality.

  • Most of us are already doing this but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.  Look for areas of business expenses you can eliminate or leverage components of the stimulus package to help.
    • Internal: your Finance, HR and Legal team members can all help
    • External: reach out to your CPA, Financial Advisor, and Bank
    • Talk to your peers or experts you trust

  • Most importantly be authentic, mindful and present for your team, board, leadership, and customers. We’ll all get through this together. 

No one can say yet when this will be over, but one thing is for certain.  Digital transformation will continue to change how we do business. Now is the time to take the lead to change.  

Y’vonne Sisco – Ormond

CEO | 5P Consulting

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