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Welcome to Spring!

  Spring is my favorite time of year!   It’s that time when people are re-energized and looking forward to some long overdue summer sunshine. As I reflect on the first quarter of 2018, I have been thinking about a couple of blogs I wrote last year.  The November and December blogs were about identifying the need for a business transformation firm like 5P, and our evolving service offerings. As a young firm, we continue to build upon what we are doing to make a succinct differentiator in our offerings. It’s a bit of an art making things simple and consumable. Which can be a challenge being that we are business and technology solutioners. At 5P Consulting, we do business smarter with process and technology. We focus first on the business problem, next the overall goals, then automation. We re-design or implement ERP and CRM SaaS based business applications: Financial, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Human Resources.

What we do at 5P Consulting

Integration, optimization and implementation are the themes we focus on in every client engagement.

5P Service Offerings:
  • Business Improvement Services
    • Executable Business Transformation Plan
    • Business Process Workflow Optimization
    • Tech Stack Evaluation and Roadmap
  • Information Technology Services
    • ERP/CRM/Service Systems (SaaS)
    • System Integration
    • Data Synchronization
    • Business Process System Implementation

How we deliver client engagements

It’s all about our proven team of experts and process. We don’t recruit from the street. Every member of the 5P leadership team I have known personally for 20+ years. Everyone in our delivery team and partner ecosystem has been hand selected to join our firm by myself or one of our leadership members. At some point during our careers, we have all worked together demonstrating ‘proven’ results as a team.     People: Our people have done business transformation before in all types of organizations ranging from non-profit, startup, mid market and corporate environments.
  • We have C-level operational experts: CIO, CTO, CEO, COO, CFO
  • We have Business Architects with Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, and CMMi experience
  • We have Technical Architects and Engineers
Process: Our process is transparent and repeatable. Everything we do has a return on investment.
  • We conduct an evaluation and assessment by:
    • Informal discovery interviews
    • Lean whiteboard sessions
    • Data driven assessments
  • 5P Framework – We provide transparency on everything we do to ensure a culture of client ownership.
    • Monthly forecast
    • Weekly actuals w/time card
    • Weekly status report and client call
  • monday.com: We are not only a user, we are a product reseller. monday.com provides a Project Management, Engineering and Client Collaboration solution so virtual teams can work together.
    • We gather requirements
    • We design a high level solution
    • We conduct Unit, System and Integration testing
    • We provide timelines and sprint level daily status with your engineering team
Product Solutions: With the expanding selection of SaaS solutions, the tech market space is offering an ever growing list of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. There are also many options for industry specific third party application add-ons.     5P specializes in the regineering and/or brand new selection and implementation of technology tools with the mindset of selecting what makes sense for your company. We look at your strategic goals, team size, business requirements, ease of use, budget, supportability and integration to other systems. The goal is ‘data’ to make solid business decisions. The great thing about us is we have technology we ‘develop’ in and also have an ecosystem to tap into to deliver any needs in the business space. So this isn’t exhaustive of all our skills and technology experience. Just today’s picture.      

Reach out for a free discovery session today. Let’s talk about what is keeping you up at night and see how we can help you make running your business easier. Our team is skilled, flexible and cost conscious. We’d love to partner with you to automate your business operations so you can focus on what you do well with your clients.

Y’vonne Ormond

CEO | 5P Consulting

People, Process, Products, P&L with priorities

[email protected] | https://www.5pconsulting.biz

O: (760) 652-9127

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