A Business Solution – The Salesforce Platform

We not only implement Salesforce…..We’re users as well.

As a boutique management consulting firm, 5P Consulting’s mission is to optimize organizations driving them to improve their business productivity through process and technology. We focus on identifying the business problem, needs, developing a plan, executing quick wins, while in parallel driving longer-term impactful improvements.

5P delivers business transformation through our 5Ps (People, Process, Products, P&L, Priorities) and cloud-based business applications (financial, sales, project, customer service ticketing, project…etc.).

We lead with the process, and based on what we discover, we either customize the current tools in their stack or implement new solutions that match their business requirements.

Over our last few years, we have seen many business trends; one being Salesforce driving efficiency. Salesforce is a business solution that has an ecosystem behind it for financial, sales, service, marketing, customer view, integration applications and much more. It has artificial intelligence and detailed reporting to help you proactively manage your business.

As a small business owner and working with varying sizes of clients, what I love about the Salesforce platform is they are not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They have a product platform that fits all business needs and budget.

  • Professional and Enterprise for medium to large scale businesses enhances the sales nurturing and customer service process. There is an ecosystem of pre-built solutions and the flexibility of custom integration. Their third-party ecosystem is inclusive of but not limited to accounting, forecasting, quoting and cross-selling. This reduces entry into different systems and data crunching. Professional has a defined number of automation and user roles that can be built and Enterprise is expansive.
  • Salesforce Essentials for Small Businesses allows ease of use to manage contacts, leads, sales opportunities, and customer ticketing with data-driven reports and dashboards. It integrates with the G-Suite platform, DocuSign and has an ecosystem of business applications to ‘add-on’ to expand your business efficiency in a cost-effective model.
  • Non-Profit Cloud is for non-profit organizations. It provides contact management, donor nurturing, and fundraising support at minimal to no cost to clients depending on organizational attributes.

We are not only a user we are also an implementer of Salesforce. We love the platform and it’s flexibility so much we built a delivery practice.

  • The lead to cash process is the top request we get coupled with reports and dashboards. We bring efficiency to the Sales process.
  • The service side allows you to communicate and have a full view of your client. Inclusive but not limited to account details, contact information, contracts attached to opportunities, customer service cases, news trending for our client.
  • The Salesforce App Exchange has an add on solution for everything with over 3400 solutions to enhance your business: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/.
  • Salesforce has a mobile app for everything on the go.
  • Plugins help automate how you work but my favorite is the email, calendar, document signatures and click to dial apps.

All business types have people filling multiple roles. When you bring a solution like Salesforce into your business, there is a sense of ownership and transparency across the entire team resulting in growing together instead of spending hours looking in email.

Invest in Your Business…..

Businesses of all sizes can afford and need Salesforce. You’ll be able to work quickly and effortlessly. You can’t afford NOT to invest. Reach out to me or any of our team members if you need any guidance; we are happy to help.

Y’vonne Ormond

CEO | 5P Consulting

[email protected] | https://www.5pconsulting.biz O: (760) 652-9127

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