Joining Forces on the Power Women Alliance

Early this month on Women’s International day I announced my collaboration with three other female founders to establish a Power Women Alliance (PWA). The PWA’s mission is to fuel economic growth globally by delivering world-class products and services to companies that demonstrate their support for women entrepreneurs. As the CEO of 5P Consulting, I am constantly looking for opportunities to offer more to our buyers and clients which the PWA provides.

The PWA brings together Deborah Ward, CEO of Televergence, Nancy Ridge, President of Ridge Innovative, and Cate Heaman, CEO of Prelude Solutions providing a one-stop-shop of a full strategy for technology implementation offerings. With Televergence and Prelude’s business offerings providing cost savings ranging from 30-60% for telecommunications solutions, this provides a budget for Ridge Innovative and 5P Consulting to come in and secure their data, get them mobile, and on cloud platforms so they can run their business more efficiently.

Check out our full press release here to learn more about our mission and goal for the PWA. We also released a podcast featuring all four women entrepreneurs as we discuss Innovation in Alliances, which you can listen to here and learn a little more about each of the founders. 

The PWA is something  I am so excited to be a part of and share. This is an amazing opportunity that will allow all our 5P clients access to the broader services through the PWA. The PWA is an opportunity to go to market with broader offerings and collaborations across North America. 

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