Digital Transformation in the age of SaaS

Improving business processes and enabling an exceptional experience for our clients must begin with an overall Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy around digital transformation.  As you scale your business in today’s world, it’s no secret that your overall success depends on these key components:

  • Engaging your business stakeholders in requirements that align to their business strategy
  • Ensuring manageable operational costs
  • Reducing complex architecture that eliminates rework

With the ever expanding selection of SaaS, providers are offering an ever growing list of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with industry specific third party application bolt-ons. It’s easy for any business to rapidly setup and deploy everything they need to run their day-to-day activities that just a short few years ago would have taken an entire IT organization to deliver!

The tricky part begins when you realize lack of visibility across these SaaS solutions begins to burden your company and client.  You realize that to get your department users and clients what they need to effectively get their jobs done in a timely manner and keeping them engaged spans multiple systems.  Often, I see clients who have deployed multiple SaaS solutions and now are looking for an improved integrated approach.  Everything from clients being able to obtain case status, to up-to-date billing information to revenue recognition. This requires inputs from multiple systems.  Without an integrated SaaS approach, this can waste BOTH time and money….something you can’t afford to throw away.

At 5P, we leverage our experiences and bring an integrated SaaS approach that results in an successful digital transformation for your business processes and client experience.  Our approach across these solutions enables us to rapidly identify the right functional focus and provide the technical chops to get things done to improve your goals.   

We do this by understanding first what your business problems and goals are. We then dig in to understand your business processes, we identify gap and solutions with a prioritized approach for delivery in high impact areas such as:

  • Elimination of waste
  • Elimination of defects
  • Reduction of manual activities – opportunities for automation
  • Gaps in data needed to make business decisions
  • Recommendations of delivery options that match your funded resource model

If your organization is looking for some guidance for a brand new SaaS strategy or improvements to your current ERP and CRM systems, reach out. We have a wealth of knowledge and team members that would love to help bring you to the next stage of our digital journey.

Randy Jasinski

President/Principal Consultant | 5P Consulting

People, Process, Products, P&L with priorities

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