Happy Anniversary – 6 Years of 5P!

We are six years old this month. What a journey the last few years have been, as each year brought unique gifts and challenges.

Each day, I am so grateful to be the CEO of 5P Consulting. I get to wake up, make an impact in this world, and do it with a team I like. You can’t say that about every job you have in your career. Everyone at 5P Consulting is service and team-oriented and puts passion into everything they do. Plus, they all bring unique personalities and lots of laughs . . . which makes being in the service industry sound way more glorious than it really is. It is often hard to ensure needs are being met, quality products are being released, and we are communicating in a way that matches our client’s styles to reduce their anxiety around their investment.

Hitting year 6 is an accomplishment and an opportunity to look back to when we started:

  • Years 1 and 2 were about building a company and determining our impact on the community
  • Year 3 was about the organic client and team growth
  • Year 4 was about sustaining a business through a global pandemic and client revenue decline
  • Year 5 was about pivoting a business and, at the same time, ensuring our services were relevant for immense growth in the market while recouping our losses and sustaining a tired team
  • Year 6 has been about navigating talent wars and growth, all at the same time, creating some unique product opportunities in the digital commerce space

Year five was a big milestone, especially after being a newer organization going through a pandemic for 18 months. Year 6 feels like “we’ve got this” and have figured out how to ride the ups and downs of a service firm. I don’t want to be overconfident, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is no matter the challenge we will figure it out and come out the other side stronger with new ideas. There will always be ups and downs so it’s more about how you handle those.

Despite all the ups and downs, there is one thing I am confident about, and that is my passion for technology and delivering the best solutions for clients. If anything, this last year has confirmed that this is why I’m in technology.

  • Innovation and digital solutions bring efficiency to the day-to-day of businesses
  • Data tells a story and allows the ability to make decisions quickly instead of going with a gut feeling
  • Mobility enables being on the go in this fast-paced world and accessing everything you need from a smartphone

One thing I have personally learned this year as a CEO is not to compare myself to other CEOs. As a goals-driven person, I want to see progress and creativity happen fast. I often watch other CEOs excel, thinking, ‘What can I do differently to get us there?’ or, ‘What am I not doing to get us there?’ I’ve experienced comparison as the thief of joy. My most significant learning is that progress & creativity will happen when it does, and if your clients and teams are happy, that is your biggest measure of success, not your revenue numbers.

At the end of the day, we spend many years working, so we should do it in an environment we love with people we love and doing what we love. Year 6 has taught me resilience and confidence. Thanks for listening and riding the journey with us through whatever role you play at 5P (client, team, product partner, channel partner, friend, marketing agency, advocate, etc).

Eternally grateful for 6 years of being in business.


Y’vonne Sisco – Ormond


5P  Consulting


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