5P’s Small Business PR Tour @ Dreamforce’18

  There has been a lot going on at 5P Consulting throughout the last couple of months, so I haven’t had extra time to blog. We are super excited to be venturing into our third year of business. We’ve focused much of our efforts into helping clients add value through delivery and we have taken on three non-profits here locally in San Diego which we provide pro-bono services for.   As many of you know, we make business efficient through our 5Ps: People, Process, Productions, P&L with priorities. Our expertise is tackling your business problems, understanding your unique needs, and improving how your organization operates. We focus on business process and business applications efficiency.   One of the products in our tech stack that we are huge fans of is Salesforce. What I love so much about Salesforce is that they have a product and application ecosystem for all size businesses. As a small business, we use Salesforce Essentials. I’ve been very vocal about how large an impact it has made by helping 5P work smarter with the cadence of a larger organization.   A few months back, I made an unplanned testimonial on social media sharing for other small businesses. I did this because I really wanted others to know that Salesforce isn’t just a product for large businesses.  As a small business owner, I think it’s important to share the products that help us run our businesses efficiently. Small business owners don’t typically have a surplus of time and money, so sharing our new discoveries is a paradigm between us.   Salesforce reached out and asked us to talk to them about how Essentials has helped our business. I did an interview with them and Sam Fry from our leadership team (Principal Architect) helped provide feedback on their upcoming integration roadmap. As we started working together, they invited me to come up to Dreamforce and share our story with others. I’m humbled to be asked and look forward to sharing with others in the first-ever Small Business track at Dreamforce. See my interview at: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/08/ceo-insights-entrepreneur-5p-consulting-smb.html If you are out at Dreamforce, stop on by the Small Business Experience in the MoAD (Museum of African Diaspora). I have a variety of interviews I’ll be conducting with industry analysts, ranging from Gartner, Vistage, CRM Essentials and Smart Hustle Magazine.   A couple of key events you can tune into or stop by live in the Essentials Launch Zone:
  • Wednesday (9/26/18): 9:00 – 9:30 AM I’ll be in a Social Media Live Interview on Twitter
  • Wednesday (9/26/18): 3:20 – 3:50 PM Salesforce Essentials Session at the Campground
  • Thursday (9/27/18): 2:00 – 2:35 PM I’ll be in a panel: Accelerating Growth and Digital Transformation facilitated by Laurie McCabe
  I’m very excited to be out in San Francisco next week. I look forward to the opportunity and can’t wait to see what is up and coming on Salesforce’s roadmap.   Y’vonne Ormond CEO | 5P Consulting We do business smarter through People, Process, Products, P&L with priorities [email protected] | https://www.5pconsulting.biz 

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