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Are you a Salesforce B2C Commerce customer and considering implementing a loyalty solution to offer a rewards program to your customers?

If so then there is a lot to think about, but at the top of that list is the technical aspect of your implementation. Customers of Salesforce B2C Commerce (formerly Commerce Cloud) have three options to consider:

1 – Implement SF Loyalty leveraging Salesforce’s packaged solution, which includes out-of-the-box cartridges that will integrate SF Commerce with SF Loyalty and pre-built user experience pages  

2 – Custom build the SF integration between Loyalty as well as user experience pages

3 – Leverage the 5P Loyalty Accelerator, which includes pre-built integration as well as pre-built user interface (UI) pages 

Here are some considerations when thinking about where to go next with your loyalty strategy:

Some Salesforce B2C Commerce (B2CC) clients have leveraged SF Commerce in a fairly generic way with minimal complex UI enhancements and basic integration with Salesforce CRM. Other clients have complex SF B2CC solutions with highly customized UIs, processes and integrations with numerous systems. Your organization could be on either end of the complexity or somewhere in the middle.   

If you are an existing SF B2CC company, you are likely on a version of Store Front Reference Architecture (SFRA) earlier than v6.0.  SFRA 6.0 is the latest version and is a complex upgrade that will require underlying changes to your custom cartridges/customizations for the upgrade.  

Do you or are you planning to leverage SF Order Management System (OMS)? OMS is a solution that allows your organization to administer and manage orders. It can be the main component to managing your company’s order solutions or it can be a middle manager to improve user experience in SF B2CC and improve customer service through Service Cloud.  

When it comes to loyalty, a company will need to deploy Loyalty, integrate Loyalty with SF B2CC and have pages that have loyalty functionality to view, receive points, and use points, etc on their website.  

Let’s take a closer look at the above options so you can have a better understanding of what is involved in each and why selecting the right option is such an important decision and how these will impact your approach on leveraging Salesforce Loyalty with SF B2CC.  

Option 1: Get Salesforce’s delivered out of the box integration and HTML pages for B2C Commerce loyalty dashboards and business manager with the ability to manage content. For this option to work, customers will need to upgrade to SFRA 6.0 and make related changes to their custom cartridges. As stated above, this can be complex so make sure you consider how much custom work your organization has done in B2C Commerce and if you have the right people and resources to do this custom work. In addition, to leverage this toolset the company will need to implement and setup SF OMS to orchestrate the processing between B2CC and Salesforce CRM/Loyalty. This option may make sense if you are currently not on SF B2CC and starting fresh with an implementation of SF B2CC, are in need of OMS and plan to purchase Loyalty.  

  • Cost: Upgrading and making fixes to your existing site can cost around $150K+ 
  • Time to go-live: 6 to 8 months

Option 2: Your company can take on the project of building custom integrations between Loyalty and your existing SF B2C Commerce environment. This will avoid costly changes to existing cartridges/custom work and minimize the setup of OMS. But your company will need to undertake building the integration between the systems and build custom pages and features that a loyalty/rewards program offers. This option may make sense if you have a very basic SF B2CC setup and a highly skilled group of Salesforce consultants/developers to handle the integration and customizations on SF B2CC.  

  • Cost: Building custom integrations will require development in B2C Commerce and CRM and can cost around $300K+
  • Time to go-live: 6 to 8 months depending on your team & resources available in your network 

Option 3: 5P has pre-built cartridges that integrate your existing B2C Commerce environment. There is no need to upgrade your SF B2CC environment or touch existing cartridges your organization has built. The accelerator also includes HTML pages for the loyalty functionality on your SF B2C Commerce store which includes dashboards, point collections, redeeming points and the ability to offer different types of rewards. In addition, the accelerator integration comes with pre-built OMS configurations simplifying the work for deployment compared to the other options. This option is ideal for companies that have Commerce environments earlier than SFRA 6.0 and want to avoid the extensive customizations required to integrate and build HTML pages and logic.  

  • Cost: Less than half of the other options
  • Time to go live: 12 weeks

Next Steps

Depending on the current state of your environment and what you want to accomplish, any of the above options can be a great solution. However, considering all the variables outlined above is a critical component of your decision. Cost and time to market can be significant depending on your approach and you should think through your options and decision carefully.  

5P has experience across loyalty programs and within the Salesforce ecosystem. We know the best practices and approaches and can help your company come up with a plan for success. Our accelerator combines the pre-built cartridges for integration as well as a methodology to get you from conception to delivery of a rewards program in 12 weeks.  

Reach out to us to get started today or read our full white paper here!

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