How to Get the Most Out of Salesforce Tableau CRM Analytics

As one of the most popular and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, Salesforce, can help your business be more efficient and effective. One of the best ways to capitalize on the power of Salesforce is through its Tableau CRM, formally called Einstein Analytics, to process and analyze your data.

The Salesforce analytics platform lets you automate data analysis and get the answers you need fast. It’s a powerful addition to the Salesforce program and could help your business identify and reach new goals. Make sure you get the most out of your analytics subscription by following our guide to Salesforce analytics.

How to Enable Analytics in Salesforce

The Tableau CRM analytics platform is an add-on subscription offered by Salesforce. You’ll need to choose a subscription that fits your business needs. A technology consulting team like 5P can help you find the perfect fit.

Once you have the right licenses, you can enable Salesforce business analytics in a few clicks:

  1. Go to “Setup”
  2. Choose “Analytics” -> “Getting Started”
  3. Click “Enable Einstein Analytics”

After enabling the platform, you’ll need to set user permissions so your team can start working with your data and creating insightful reports.

8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

With your analytics enabled and permissions granted, your team is ready to start learning from your data. You don’t want to jump in without a plan, however. To get the most out of your Salesforce analytics, be sure to remember these tips:

1. Collect Useful Data

Salesforce analytics is a powerful platform, but it can’t give you actionable insights if you’re not collecting good data. Review the type of data you’re collecting to see if it’s valuable. For example, let’s say you collect information on how long a person spends browsing your website. You also collect sales data, but you don’t have data on which browsing users decide to convert. Your analytics platform won’t be able to answer questions about conversions.

2. Customize Reports for Specific Teams

A great feature of the analytics platform is the ability to create automated and customized reports to answer different questions. That means you can tailor your analytics to each team in your organization, giving you the chance to put the most important information into the right hands.

3. Identify Problems to Solve

Do you know what you want to get out of your data analysis? Define the problems you want to solve before you spend money buying licenses for Tableau CRM. This saves you money and gives you a chance to identify the most pressing problems in your business.

4. Optimize Your Configuration

Paying for features you don’t need can destroy your technology budget. It can be tempting to get the biggest or best license, but there’s no sense in spending money on features you’ll never use. Consider working with a Salesforce implementation specialist to help you set up and optimize your Salesforce analytics platform.

5. Integrate Analytics with Other Programs

Salesforce analytics gives you an easy way to manage all of your business data — even from sources outside of Salesforce. Take advantage of this feature by integrating your existing data programs with the Salesforce platform. You’ll get more insights and a better overall picture of the needs of your clients and business.

6. Collaborate Between Teams

The entire Salesforce platform is designed for easy integration between programs and teams, and the Tableau CRM is no exception. The analytics program is also completely mobile and can be used on tablets or mobile phones. Your teams can access the platform and share insights and data between departments from almost anywhere. Collaboration between teams will give your organization a more comprehensive idea of which steps need to come next.

7. Provide Resources and Training

Although the analytics platform from Salesforce is designed to be user-friendly with no-code templates, it can still be overwhelming for new users. Offering training sessions or educational resources makes it easier for your team members to start using the platform to its fullest potential.

8. Use AI for Automated Insights

Let a computer handle complicated number-crunching by enabling automated analytics reports using AI. The AI program analyzes your data as it comes in to create helpful insights you can use to improve your business.

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Salesforce Analytics Platform

Choosing the right license and configuration for your Tableau CRM setup can be intimidating. At 5P Consulting, we have the experience you need to configure an analytics dashboard that’s user-friendly and provides actionable insights. Our team is ready to analyze your business and customize your analytics platform to fit your needs. Learn more about our Salesforce business analytics services by signing up for a free consultation today.

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