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A Complete Guide to Ethical Data Use

Most flourishing companies collect data and use it to draw valuable consumer insights, solve pertinent problems, as well as predict trends. If your organization plans to utilize this aspect, here’s one thing you should prioritize: ethical data use. Ethical data usage helps your business retain credibility and maintain a good reputation. Read on to discover […]

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Why IT Security Assessments Are Crucial

Many organizations have not yet implemented proper security measures in their infrastructure, putting themselves at risk. A cyber security assessment is essential, but many don’t realize its importance until after they suffer a cyber-attack. Some organizations  can even fall victim to multiple cyber-attacks that put their IT infrastructure at risk. There might not even be

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What is Metadata Strategy?

Is your organization facing issues with data quality management? Poor quality data can lower your organization’s trust in your data. This leads to missed opportunities and wasted resources. You can improve data quality by first focusing on metadata. Creating a metadata strategy adds vital information to the data you collect. A solid strategy will help

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