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What is a CIO? 

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in your organization is an important one along with the rest of your C-Level leadership. A CIO plays a key role in strategy, culture, and technology management. The CIO’s focus is to help meet business goals with data, infrastructure, and end-to-end architecture. A CIO should enhance agility and compliance as well for the business. 

Many organizations can’t afford or even need a full-time CIO. A fractional CIO is a great option to drive governance of data, business processes, and a technology roadmap that is executable. Their goal is to take the business needs and use technology to support them. It’s all about data to achieve business goals. 

What are the benefits of a fractional CIO (vCIO)?

A fractional CIO can really drive efficiency, automation, governance, and infrastructure with technical solutions. Every organization no matter the size can benefit from a technology leader. The benefit of a fractional CIO is you can have the leadership without fully investing in a full-time technology executive. Fractional CIO’s focus can be object or project-based. The role can be bound to a monthly budget that matches what your company can afford. This provides you the ability to stay innovative and support the business. 

A vCIO brings…

  • Relationship-based skills help bridge the gap between IT and the business which aids in the delivery of aligned goals and metrics.
  • An unbiased fresh perspective on the current IT team. That helps challenge the norm and also coach talent.
  • An integration and rationalization approach to companies merging with other departments, divisions, and organizations.
  • A background in infrastructure which helps migrate from On-Prem to Cloud solutions.
  • Security and compliance backgrounds to help protect infrastructure, systems, and data to keep your organization safe. They can mitigate the risk with policy and processes before you have an issue. 
  • A seasoned immediate professional to work today, while building the strategy, negotiating IT, and helping staff the longer-term CIO.

How do I know if I can benefit from a vCIO at my organization?

Every company will reach the point in growth that they need to think about their information security and data. As IT operations become cumbersome and organizations are just using email to work, it makes sense to bring an expert in to strategize and implement solutions that will help manage the operations and push the organization forward in growth. 

Fractional CIOs are flexible and cost-effective. The cost of a fractional CIO dwindles when the incremental organizational efficiency occurs and IT solutions are aiding in delivering business strategy. 

Reach out today to Y’vonne Ormond or Donna Hale to see how you can leverage the vCIO benefits in your organization. 5P would love to help. 

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