5P Loyalty Accelerator for Hospitality

Are you curious about a loyalty program but don’t know where to start?

Are you struggling to get repeat guests?

While it is essential to bring in new business, your stable, returning guests are the ones who keep your business afloat. Guest loyalty is more than just returning to stay or making a purchase a second or third time; it is a guest making a conscious decision to spend a higher amount of their spending with you instead of one of your competitors.

How Loyalty Management Helps:

While you focus on delivering a superior guest experience, we are here to ensure you maximize your guest’s experience through a customized loyalty program. The more you understand your guests, the more you can provide additional opportunities to sell to them and reward them for coming back.

With Loyalty Management for hospitality, your business can engage with guests in meaningful ways — bringing value to their experience and to your business by putting the guest at the center of your loyalty experience and rewarding them. Loyalty management does this by creating digital solutions that are personalized with advertisements, benefits, points, discounts, and coupons.

Why 5P is the Right Partner: 

Our latest product, the 5P Loyalty Accelerator takes your organization’s unique needs into consideration to drive an optimal solution for a cost-effective and rapid implementation.  With pre-built user interface (UI) pages and integration into your existing B2C Commerce environment, you’ll be up and running in less time. Save up to 50% in costs as there is no need for upgrades, and go live in 12 weeks.

5P Consulting focuses on digital commerce, data management, and end-to-end solution integrations within the cloud. We take our broader experience coupled with our Salesforce Certified Partner skills and provide a platform that helps you sell and service your guests better. We ensure we can maximize your guest engagement by making the platform intuitive to their needs. Reach out to our team today at [email protected] or click the button in the upper right to get started. 

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