5P Consulting Program Management Office (PMO) Services

Are you struggling to get your IT projects over the line? Have you gone through a merger or acquisition and need to integrate processes, systems, and data?

At 5P Consulting we understand the importance of execution. We do business smarter through our 5P’s – People, Process, Products, P&L, and Priorities, and this is the foundation of our success. 

Our IT Project Management Services are targeted at helping organizations like yours get projects over the line in partnership with you. Our experienced CIOs, Program Managers, and Finance professionals have two decades of experience managing complex M&A and IT projects in a global environment.

Some examples of projects we’ve executed:
  • We are working with a client in the renewables space to ensure financial business processes, compliance, and ERP are implemented for scale.
  • We are working with an asset management organization to ensure IT security processes, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and RFPs are in place for infrastructure.
  • We successfully executed a multi-month infrastructure move from one state to another for one of our global clients. 
  • We successfully executed a six-figure multimillion-dollar divestiture and new organizational build ensuring business processes, systems and data are in place for a high-tech company.
  • We successfully executed a multi-company M&A to ensure all sales assets come together into one process and system in the Life Sciences space.
  • We successfully have assessed roadmaps to rationalize, simplify and reduce manual data into one end-to-end architectural design across numerous business domains.
By leveraging 5P’s consultants we bring……
  • Relationship-based skills to help bridge the gap between IT and the business which aids in the delivery of aligned goals and metrics.
  • An unbiased fresh perspective into the current IT team, which helps challenge the norm and coach talent.
  • An integration and rationalization approach to companies merging with other departments, divisions, and organizations.
  • A background in solutions and data which helps migrate from On-Prem to Cloud solutions.
  • Security and compliance backgrounds to help protect infrastructure, systems, and data to keep your organization safe. We can mitigate the risk with policy and processes before you have an issue. 
  • Experienced executive  available to jump in asap, while building strategy, negotiating IT, and helping support your technology organization. 

With 5P Consulting’s Program Management Services, you can leverage our PM Office for cross-divisional projects. We guarantee we’ll get momentum going on your IT projects and ensure your executive leadership is seeing results aligned to business goals.

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