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Data Governance: Why Is it Important?

You want to use data to make business decisions, but is the information you need unorganized, unavailable, or unusable? To make data-driven decisions, you need data that is secure, accurate, and accessible. The only way to achieve this is through data governance. A strong data governance framework gets your entire organization on the same page, …

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What is Business Architecture?

As a service provider at 5P, we specialize in Business Architecture first prior to bringing in any type of technology solutions.  I’m often asked…… What is  Business Architecture and how can a Business Architect help my business? Business Architecture is what the organization does and how they do it. It’s a business discipline that focuses …

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Connected Self Service

Self-service has been a trend in businesses for a couple of years now. In the wake of the pandemic and economic changes, self-service becomes more than just a strategy. You know you need to get into action mode. This provides your customers with a timely and efficient manner to get questions answered and a process …

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